Thursday, January 17, 2008

India V Australia-Perth,3rd Day,Session I

Realistically, the match is even steven right now. With 158/5, India have a lead of 273 and ideally India would like to add atleast 77 to their total.Having said that, Australia have shown great resolve to come back from the position they were yesterday.Only a champion team could have done that. Now,it is imperative that the likes of MS Dhoni come to the party today. MS Dhoni looks that he is kind of getting back in shape after smallish but technically correct knocks of 35 and 19.Anything less than 350 at their disposal,Australia would be licking their lips in anticipation.The post lunch promises another exciting few hours of cricket, with India trying to extend their lead and Australia would try to peg them back with excellent fielding and fantabulous bowling, not to mention the mind dettering mind games.They would also be relying heavily on Clark and Lee to deliver the goods.If, India can see them off, India can give themselves some chance in this match.Also, India should continue playing aggresively(playing the ball on its merit) because at the end of the day it is the runs amassed which counts .This match has been great so far with the fortunes swinging like pendulum and the post lunch session would be no exception.

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