Friday, January 18, 2008

India V Australia-Perth,Session III

After all the controversy and the series being run into bad blood, it was imperative that the good cricket erase out those memories.It has been achieved to a certain extent.Now,the action is happening on the filed not off it.Players are doing their bat and ball do the talking not their mouths.The 3rd day saw yet another good contest between bat and ball where a total of 307 runs were scored at expense of 11 wickets.Indians expected their tail to wag in the post tea session.And some wag was that! Laxman and RP Singh added 51 invaluable runs to the total which took the lead to 413, R.P. Singh being the more dominant partner scoring 30.It was also heartening to see a player like Laxman think 'out of the box'; he was guarding R.P.Singh against Lee and was quite happy to give the strike to R.P.Singh when it came to Clark and Tait. Tait, in particular has looked out of sorts in this test and Australian media should know there is a thin line between praising and lying.R.P.Singh, coupled with some streaky and some confident shots raced to 30.Although, running between the wicket was appallingly pathetic, it was also Laxman's reluctance to take a single even on the 5th ball that was hard to fathom.He even refused a two on the last ball of the over which could have him on strike.But, he and R.P.Singh added some very important runs to the total which may make these mistakes look insignificant.It was also good to see Laxman trying some shots which he doesn't normally tries.If, the technique needs to take a backseat for team's benefit, the player should do it and Laxman did just that.He fell in the same fashion, backing out to Lee edging one to glichrist as India set Australia 413 to win.
Australia came out to bat and one could sense an air of reluctance in the Indian camp.Initially,R.P.Singh sprayed the ball all over.It was understandable as he had just spent a good 2hours batting in the middle.But,as usual Irfan Pathan was right on the money and he took out the nervous debutant's wicjet and Australia were 21 for 1. Irfan Pathan was bowling really well forcing the batsmen toplay almost each and every bowl.He got one to bounce one unevenly, which took Jacques's outside edge and the ball went to Jaffer at 3rd slip.Australia were looking down the barrel with 43 for 2.Ricky Ponting and Mike Hussey added 22 more to end the day at 65/2.Ricky Ponting is atill undefeated at 24 and he could hold the key to Australia's fortunes and India would rely on the services of Anil Kumble.The pitch is a bit up and down,which would particularly delight the Indian skipper.As of now, India needs 8 wickets and Australia 348 runs.History would be written either way, what remains to be seen is which side is more keen.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

India V Australia-3rd Day,Session-II

Symond's two wickets at the end has really helped Australia's cause. After Pathan's quick departure after lunch, India were struggling at 160/6.But, a solid parnership between MS Dhoni and VVS Laxman steadied the ship. Dhoni in particular looked impressive with a steady 38.He is fast improving on this tour.Although he fell against the run of play trying to sweep Symonds when the ball took the top edge, hit his shoulder to bounce abnormally high and Gilchrist dived to take a brilliant catch.Kumble departed 4 balls later to give Australia plenty to smile about before the play closed for tea.India is 363 runs ahead with two wickets in hand and until and unless Australians bowl really badly or there is a steely resolve from Laxman and Co., Australia can anticipate a total under 400 and although this kind of total is considered to be mammoth while chasing, it should be taken into consideration that any total within 400, it would be plain foolishness to put Australia out of the game. Under Steve Waugh they succesfully chased 369 against Pakistan for loss of 6 wickets.Moreover, the way in which Australians bat any 2 solid partnerships can really rip the oppostion apart.The way in which the duo of Symonds and Glichrist batted after being reduced to 5 down for 61 goes to show the way they approach the game.Although, their this fearlessness brought about their downfall in the 1st innings.HAving said that, it would be interesting to see how Laxman bats from here on now.It was clearly evident that Ponting had put all its man back and they are quite willing to give Laxman a single.Laxman looked reluctant for a single bt later gave in.Also,Laxman is not a kind of a swashbuckling player who would improvise and play a cameo of sorts.Rather,he is more from the Steve Waugh school of battling with tailenders who believes in giving the confidence and strike to tailender.Whether that would be wise or not, remains to be seen.

India V Australia-Perth,3rd Day,Session I

Realistically, the match is even steven right now. With 158/5, India have a lead of 273 and ideally India would like to add atleast 77 to their total.Having said that, Australia have shown great resolve to come back from the position they were yesterday.Only a champion team could have done that. Now,it is imperative that the likes of MS Dhoni come to the party today. MS Dhoni looks that he is kind of getting back in shape after smallish but technically correct knocks of 35 and 19.Anything less than 350 at their disposal,Australia would be licking their lips in anticipation.The post lunch promises another exciting few hours of cricket, with India trying to extend their lead and Australia would try to peg them back with excellent fielding and fantabulous bowling, not to mention the mind dettering mind games.They would also be relying heavily on Clark and Lee to deliver the goods.If, India can see them off, India can give themselves some chance in this match.Also, India should continue playing aggresively(playing the ball on its merit) because at the end of the day it is the runs amassed which counts .This match has been great so far with the fortunes swinging like pendulum and the post lunch session would be no exception.

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